Google releases new tablet Nexus 7

Google releases new tablet Nexus 7

The new Google tablet does not have all iPad features. For example, it does not have mobile phone connectivity, rear camera, and iPad´s incredible display resolution. The basic model counts with half the memory of Apple version. It also offers less content selection – music, movies, and TV series – than Apple or Amazon devices.

However, Nexus 7 results a better option for users with a tight budget. This new version is for those people who want a lighter and more compact tablet, portable and that it fits their hand, and for those users who prefer Google´s apps ecosystem of apps, services and content.

Following Apple Siri service, the Nexus 7 has an artificial smart function. It has a function that answers verbal questions, and it also has the option Google Now, which offers important information for the users at their exact location such as: weather, traffic reports, next calendar´s meeting, and information about your flights of interest.

All tablets must be compared to iPad, which has become a synonym of the category.  Also, it is said that Apple will release a smaller and cheaper version, which can threaten Nexus 7.

By now, Nexus 7 can compete directly with Kindle Fire. As this latter, the Nexus 7 places mainly as a device for content consumption. Unlike Apple, Google do not focus on productivity and creativity, it thinks the tablet as Amazon, as a hardware portal that find offers, based on cloud, music, books and magazines.

The Android Market, the app and content store of the company has been re-named as Google Play, and the advertisements of Nexus 7 includes phrases such as: “created for Google Play,” and “The play zone is open.”

The size and Price of Nexus 7 is similar to Kindle Fire, though the hardware and software quality of Google new tablet exceeds Fire, which is larger and does not have camera or microphone. On the contrary, the Nexus 7 is an elegant tablet, a fast and new version of Android.

Furthermore, though Google is not focusing on this, Nexus 7 as other Android devices is compatible with 600,000 apps, almost as much as Apple, and much more of 25,000 of those available for the Fire.

Nexus 7 has been designed for Google by Asus. Despite the fact that there are Nexus phones, this is the first tablet. There is no launching date in Latin America, but in US is available on the Google online store: It is not necessary a mobile phone contract as it only works with WI-FI.

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