Aviate is now available in Beta and can reconfigure the users

Aviate is a new kind of Android launcher. The majority of Android launchers on the market are focusing on customization; Aviate’s main goal is to reconfigure the Android home screen, based on current context. This means the person’s current location, movement, and activity.  One example is that while the user is traveling, it offers Google Maps or navigation apps, Yelp to find nearby restaurants, bars or other hotspots.  

The functions and bits of information that appear alongside the list of relevant apps are also new to the beta. “When we started with Aviate, we were connecting people with applications at the moment that were most useful – if you were at a restaurant we would show you Foodspotting, or OpenTable,” explains co-founder Mark Daiss, “but what we learned was that what would be a much more compelling experience would be to get the information out of those apps and put them on the homescreen of your phone.”

Aviate is not aimed at the crowd of advanced customization, but rather at those looking for a simpler way to interact with their phone and apps. This app is more like Facebook Home, which made it easier for users to access Facebook.