Goodyear advances in the mobility of the future with the launch of a new capital fund

Under the framework of CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Show), The Goodyear Tire & Ruber Company announced the new venture capital fund risk “Goodyear Ventures” conformed by 100 million earmarked for new investments for future mobility solutions during the next ten years.

Goodyear Ventures will continue and expand Goodyear’s growing relationships with new mobility, focusing on investing and partnering with startups that have a shared vision of new sustainable and secure mobility experiences that make connections to easier life every day.

The president and CEO global Goodyear, Richard J. Kramer, said: “Goodyear is a enterprise mobility driven by technology that works with other industry leaders, from new small businesses until proven business models. Goodyear Ventures will lead this effort to the next level to commit to and give shape to the way in which people move in the future”.

Goodyear Ventures will focus on eight mobility themes:

  • Electrical and autonomous technologies
  • Connected mobility solutions
  • The next generation of public mobility
  • The next generation of aviation mobility
  • Future transport infrastructure
  • Maintenance and future operations
  • Emerging technologies
  • New tire materials

In addition to capital, companies in The Goodyear Ventures portfolio will have the opportunity to learn and grow with Goodyear through their extensive technology and innovation resources, their vast vehicle service network, and their global manufacturing and development footprint products.