Thursday, October 28, 2021

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The role of Wi-Fi to improve the user experience at sporting...

We are only a few days to enjoy again one of the most popular sporting events, and each time they are more technological innovations that are...

Social Networks

A respite for Snapchat for the success of Tik Tok

It wouldn't be a secret to anyone the happiness that Snapchat should feel for the success of Tic Tok, which he seems would be...


5G Networks: A Question of the Future

The advent of smart cities from the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and applications such as auto-auteur vehicles requires high-availability, low-latency infrastructure, a very...


Eight business technology predictions for 2020

The following are eight major, but not obvious, technology trends looming on the horizon.  The dawn of hybrid applications A hybrid application is an application that...


Reasons to use a device with fingerprint reader

USB sticks have become inseparable companions of our day to day, since they store information safely and reliably and adapt to all lifestyles. Also, the information security...


Exposed records of 250 million Microsoft support

ESET customers warned of data exposure to Microsoft support customers. This resulted from an error in the configuration of a server that contained the records of...
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