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TOTVS tests integrated solutions with Google Glass

According to Vicente Goetten, Director of TOTVS Labs,  they are developing and testing segments focused on Health, Manufacturing and Logistics solutions.  “We started developing some applications from our Fluig platform


Facebook tests a buy button

Facebook just introduced a new feature meant mainly for businesses. It is testing a Buy button to help businesses drive sales through the News Feed and on their Facebook Pages.  “With


Amazon announces Kindle Unlimited

Dubbed a “Netflix for books” by Darrell Etherington, the service offers over 600,000 books for free reading on Kindle and Kindle-enabled devices, as well as thousands of audiobooks from Audible.


All about TouchJet

The small, white hand-sized device runs on any Android app and projects up to an 854 x 480 pixel, 80-inch image on any wall. At 150 lumens, it lights up


Asana Users: new iOS app you need to have

Cofounder Justin Rosenstein explained that  “it really is a new experience that allows you to know what work needs to be done and who is responsible for what.”  The redesigned



According to PayPal’s VP of Credit, Steve Allocca, these changes are part of the company’s efforts to “bring credit more to the center of PayPal.” He says the businesses credit products


Pinterest anade una pestana de "Noticias"

Pinterest ha añadido una nueva sección a su app de iOS. Se trata de “News“, un contenedor en el que poder ver actividad de tus amigos que, potencialmente, pueda mostrarte cosas


Mozilla lanzo telefonos con Firefox OS en Costa Rica

Mozilla lanzó teléfonos que trabajan con  su sistema operativo, Firefox OS. que ahora serán vendidos en Costa Rica a través de Movistar. Esta plataforma está diseñada para traerle a los